A Global Finance Masterclass – ESG and Fixed Income Portfolios

Tue 26 Jul 2022

Dr Nick Motson, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Finance at Bayes, gives a taster lecture and provides in-depth insight into the MSc in Global Finance.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience one of our online Global Finance lectures prior to the course start date, providing an in-depth look at the implications of applying ESG screens to fixed income portfolio. Nick will also explore whether higher ESG ratings improve risk-adjusted returns, and whether excluding controversial sectors in the past would have hurt historical performance. Watch now:

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About the speaker 

Dr Nick Motson holds a BSc from Bayes Business School, an MSc from London Business School and a PhD from Bayes Business School. After 13 years as a derivatives trader Nick returned to Bayes in 2005 to pursue his doctoral studies, and upon completion of his PhD he joined the faculty of finance full-time in 2008.  

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