Stephen Thomas discusses research into retirement decisions

Wed 14 Oct 2020

Bayes Business School's Food for Thought series offers short interview and Q&A sessions with industry leaders every Wednesday at 1pm.

It's a chance to come together and discuss important current affairs, Bayes Business School's latest research, and insights from industry leaders.

Every session will start with a 15-minute talk or interview, followed by 15-minute live Q&A with you.

Join us on Wednesday 28th October 2020 at 1pm (BST) for 'Behavioural insights into savings and retirement decisions'.

This webinar is hosted by Dr Aneesh Banerjee, Course Director for the online Global MBA. It will welcome Stephen Thomas, Professor of Finance and Associate Dean for the MBA Programmes at Bayes Business School.

The discussion will look at how pension savings' behaviour can be influenced by the digital screen design, and how the design of savings' plans can be refined to appeal to gig economy workers who otherwise would be reluctant to save.



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