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Wed 06 Oct 2021

The Business School of City, University of London has been renamed Bayes Business School.

It follows the decision to remove the Cass name from our School in 2020 after it was found that some of Sir John Cass’s wealth was obtained through his links to the slave trade.

We undertook a comprehensive consultation process to find a new name which was reflective of our values. More than 8,000 staff, students and alumni took part and Bayes Business School was the clear favourite.

Thomas Bayes

The inspiration for our new name is Thomas Bayes, an 18th century theologian and mathematician best known for his foundational work on conditional probability. Bayes’ theorem suggests that we get closer to the truth by constantly updating our beliefs in proportion to the weight of new evidence. 

This aligns with the Business School's core principles - that we should always be open to new information and act on it responsibly.

The courage to do things differently

According to Professor Paulo Volpin, Dean of the Business School:

'Inspired by Thomas Bayes' ideas, our approach as Bayes Business School is to have the courage to do things differently. As a community, we nurture diversity to stimulate new perspectives and learn from each other. On education, we focus on teaching our students how to think rather than what to think. In our research, we explore imaginative new angles, asking difficult questions to produce research that has real impact on business, society and the environment.'

You can read more about the name change on the Bayes Business School website.

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