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Why study online?

While many professionals may only have experience studying on campus, at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) we believe that earning your Global MBA or MSc in Global Finance online should be just as streamlined and beneficial.

Our online students receive the same acclaimed teaching and practical support as on-campus students, and our virtual learning platform helps ensure that your learning environment is interactive, engaging, and accessible.

We realise that there are a number of reasons why a prospective student may opt to study online. Our courses can help you further your education while meeting the demands of your professional and personal life.

'The module assessments and readings are paced in way that gives you total discretion on when and how to study.'

Josephine Tsele, Global MBA student

Keep your career on track

Due to the flexibility offered by our courses, you won’t need to take time away from work in order to successfully complete your degree.  Our Global MBA class, for example, consists of senior executives and entrepreneurs working in a wide range of industries as they study.

Being able to study and work simultaneously also gives you the opportunity to apply new learnings to your company while advancing with your degree. This allows you to take new strides both professionally and academically – thereby increasing job security and career opportunities.

Given the above, you can also put forward a strong case to your employer for study sponsorship, as the benefits of your education will impact the business more immediately than if you were to go on a career hiatus.

Choose your learning style

We offer both asynchronous and synchronous learning, meaning you can opt to participate in live lectures, webinars, and discussions – or watch them afterwards and interact with your course mates via our online forums and email.

Regardless of your preferred method of learning, our degrees are specifically designed to be as thorough and engaging as possible.

Through quizzes and online discussions, you’ll be able to track your progress and overall understanding of the course material. These assessments – which do not count towards your final mark – also help our academics identify areas where you might require further support, which allows them to curate follow-up lessons to better suit these needs.

“The university has a huge online and offline library which can be used freely 24 hours a day.”

Nikita Kozachenko, MSc in Global Finance student

Study from anywhere

Not only are you less bound to fixed class times, but studying online also allows you to factor out any time you’d need to spend on travel. 

Earning your degree online alleviates the need to consider a commute – which can include traffic, impractical departure times, and unexpected delays. This leaves more time to dedicate to your studies and other commitments.

In fact, online classes are generally less prone to disruption by factors out of your control, such as immigration changes, natural disasters, and health pandemics. In most cases, you’ll likely be able to continue studying and graduate without any changes to your timeline.

Grow your global network

We recognise the necessity of an education that can be applied worldwide. Our academics bring insights from a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise - with the material they teach coming from a truly international angle.

You can also look forward to meeting course mates from various countries, and you'll have regular opportunities to collaborate with them through your studies. In an increasingly globalised world, knowing how to appreciate and learn from different viewpoints can be a winning advantage. 

Plus, following your graduation, you’ll join our extensive alumni network, and be able to forge valuable connections with professionals from across the world.

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