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6 September 2023




Part-time, 24 months

Careers support

With Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), you’re able to continue to develop your portfolio of skills throughout life and keep your learning up to date, crucial for staying competitive and relevant in the job market as your career develops. After successfully completing your MBA,  you have the opportunity to come back for one free elective per year, for life.  

At the Career and Professional Development Centre we provide training and guidance related to employability skills and effective career management, enabling you to make the most of your MBA and to help you explore and achieve your potential. 

Career management and employability module

The core credit-bearing continuous professional development module is delivered by the Careers Team and subject matter specialists.

Via live participation in a scheduled series of informative and experiential workshops the module:

  • Provides opportunities for you to practise and develop the critical employability skills which will make you stand out when competing for jobs and looking for career progression.
  • Supports you in developing a career strategy and understanding how to apply your energy and maximise your performance / potential.

The module includes:

  • Deploying Strengths for Career and Team Success (including Strengthscope Psychometric).
  • Networking for Career Success.
  • Three-step Leadership Communication Series focused on Increasing Your Executive Presence, Influencing and Persuading in Action, and Presenting with Impact.
  • Two-day Achieving Your Potential Programme.
  • Reflective Assignment at the end of your two-year course.

"Being able to entirely immerse myself in thinking about what is important to me on a professional and a personal level has been invaluable."

Bayes Business School student

Coaching and advice

  • Access to 1:1 support, advice and practical feedback delivered by career and sector-specific experts.
  • Advice on an extensive range of subjects from career planning, job search, networking, CV creation, writing impactful applications and cover letters, effective preparation for assessment centres and how to manage interactions with employers professionally – from initial meetings to job offers.

Bayes Careers Online and resources

  • Access to a range of global leading online resources to inform and empower you when undertaking industry, function and specific job research.
  • Factsheets and guidance leaflets with useful hyperlinks to help make your job research and preparation for critical events (e.g. interviews, assessment centres, networking conversations) more efficient and focused.
  • Online resources accessible 24/7 so that following careers advice you can continue to work in your own time and keep practising (e.g. psychometric tests and video interviewing).

Corporate engagement

  • A jobs board for employers to post opportunities such as projects and jobs.
  • Opportunities to maintain contact with a broad range of employers and retain up-to-date industry knowledge which is shared proactively through direct email, LinkedIn and via Bayes Careers Online (which you will have access to once your course starts).
  • Access to industry specialists who deliver sector overviews and webinars.
  • Connections with Bayes alumni and current students from a broad range of roles and sectors.

Hear from current Global MBA student Ed Jennings as he explains the benefits of careers support from Bayes:

Read the transcript for this video

Ed [00:00:04] The careers team for me were amazing. And I think it was something I considered at the beginning, but I didn't realise the depth in which they would support. So there's a really good careers team at Bayes that I've had interaction with, and I've been specifically working with someone who has worked with at least 30 of the biggest names you could possibly imagine. I'll never forget seeing him pop up the slide of all the brands he'd worked with. And because we have experience, we're coming from a professional background where execs are aspiring execs. Working with someone like that with that experience has been a real game changer for me, in formatting my CV for different types of different industries, to pointing me in the direction of tools that are included. So there is tons of tools you get access to on the careers team site, and that is from, CV reviewers using AI to give you the perfect CV and scores to ones that will take you through case studies that are used by some of the biggest brands like PWC or [inaudible] in the consulting space, to interviewing techniques to executive coaching tools that are on there as well. So the careers team is the one I would say that's impressed me the most and supported me the most and helped me develop, probably, I would say, as a person and as a leader.