Dr Aulia Syakhroza (Module Leader)


Dr Aulia Syakhroza is an assistant professor (lecturer) of strategy at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass). She’s also the Module Leader of the ‘Strategy’ course for our online Global MBA programme

Dr Syakhroza's work has been published in Academy of Management Journal and Social Forces. She won Best PhD Paper and was nominated for Best Paper at the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference 2016 in Berlin. 

Areas of expertise

  • Strategic management 
  • Strategic analysis 
  • Market categorisation 
  • Occupational inequality 

Recent publications 

Paolella, L. and Syakhroza, M.A. (2020). Beyond the Insider-Outsider Divide: Heterogeneous Effects of Organizational Identity and Category Taken-for-Grantedness on ConformitySocial Forcesdoi:10.1093/sf/soaa081

Syakhroza, M.A., Paolella, L. and Munir, K. (2019). Holier than Thou? Identity Buffers and Adoption of Controversial Practices in the Islamic Banking CategoryAcademy of Management Journal, 62(4), pp. 1252–1277. doi:10.5465/amj.2016.1017. 

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