Dr Ivana Raonic (Module Leader)


Dr Ivana Raonic is Module Leader for the 'Accounting and Financial Reporting' preparatory course of our online Global MBA. She’s been published in some major journals and her teaching experience includes financial statement reporting and analysis, equity investments and valuation, and security analysis.

Dr Raonic's research interests include covenant-light debt contracts and the role of accounting, debt contracting and financial distress, fresh start accounting and the role of hedge funds and analysts’ strategic role in using accruals.

Areas of expertise

  • Accounting
  • Asset valuation
  • Capital markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial economics

Recent publications

Raonic, I. and Sahin, A. (2019). Do analysts understand accruals’ persistence? Evidence revisitedJournal of Applied Accounting Research, 21(1), pp. 38–59. doi:10.1108/JAAR-07-2018-0103

Gietzmann, M., Isidro, H. and Raonic, I. (2018). Vulture funds and the fresh start accounting value of firms emerging from bankruptcyJournal of Business Finance and Accounting, 45(3-4), pp. 410–436. doi:10.1111/jbfa.12303

Gietzmann, M. and Raonic, I. (2014). Thinly Traded Growth Stocks: A Joint Examination of Transparency in Communication and the Trading PlatformEuropean Accounting Review, 23(2), pp. 257–289. doi:10.1080/09638180.2013.768802

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