Business Mastery Project

The Business Mastery Project is a major piece of self-managed work that will draw on the many different elements of the programme. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and skills gained during your studies, and to transition into the next stage of your career.

Your project can be presented in multiple ways. It can be a research project on your organisation, address a strategic problem for a specific industry, or a business plan.

Recent projects have included:

An exploration in Blockchain and syndicated lending operations

How to create shareholder value performance through strategic mergers and acquisitions

Undertaking an empirical analysis of capital structure and government debt in Europe

Focusing on cleantech in European and U.S. venture capital: a comparison of investments and exits across industries and countries

The impact of digitisation and insurtech on the London insurance market

Understanding ‘ethical political leadership’ in Mauritius

Comparing sectors’ commitment to renewable energy

Entrepreneurship culture and co-working spaces