Leading People in Organisations

The module will give you a comprehensive understanding of how people behave in organisations. It will also provide you with some tools for intervening to change behaviours.

Finally, it will encourage you to reflect on your own behaviour within organisations, consider whether that might be changed, and provide you with tools for changing it where necessary.

The module covers: 

  • Understanding organisational behaviour from multiple perspectives. You’ll be introduced to a range of different frames which you can use to understand and analyse organisational behaviour. 
  • Motivation. You’ll look at the role of individual drivers at work. In particular, you’ll explore what motivates people at work.
  • Groups and teams. In this section, you’ll explore how people interact in teams at work. You’ll be introduced to a range of ideas about team dynamics in the workplace, as well as the principles of decision-making in teams. 
  • Culture. In this section, you’ll look at the role of culture at work. You’ll consider issues like symbolism, rituals, cultural roles and how people are inducted into new cultures. You’ll also consider issues such as whether you can manage and change a culture. 
  • Politics. You’ll look at the dynamics of organisational politics and explore how people gain power, how they use it, and how they might lose it. 
  • Structure. In this section, you’ll look at the different kinds of organisational structures, and consider the impact they have on individual and collective behaviour at work. 

Module Leader

The Leading People in Organisations module is led by Professor André Spicer:

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