The aim of this module is to develop your ability to design and execute better strategy. It focuses on strategic decision-making and the long-term successful direction of an organisation.

You’ll explore central themes in corporate strategy and the key questions faced by multi-business firms, including:

  • Under what conditions should firms engage in horizontal diversification?
  • What are the pros and cons of vertical integration versus outsourcing?
  • How can companies compete successfully in the international arena?
  • How can corporate strategy be successfully implemented?

In addition to the fundamental theories of corporate strategy, you’ll also explore the application of these theories in real-life situations.

The module covers:

  • What is our “strategy”? 
  • How can the characteristics of an industry be assessed and how do they contribute to determine companies’ profitability? 
  • What is competitive advantage and how can it be achieved? 
  • How can competitive advantage be sustained over time?
  • The scope of the firm
  • Horizontal diversification
  • Vertical integration
  • Geographic expansion
  • Implementing corporate strategy

Module Leader

The Strategy module is led by Dr Aulia Syakhroza:

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