Managerial Decision-Making

This module explores how you make decisions, how others may make them, and how you can make better and more effective choices with those around you.

This elective focuses on you, your decision-making, and how you can make more valuable decisions. You will learn about the 2 crucial elements of effective decisions: the quality of decisions and a commitment to making them work.

This module will give you:

  • A better understanding of your current way of thinking and how you approach problems
  • A deeper understanding of how others make decisions and how you can influence both the process, quality and output of group decisions
  • An understanding of how organisational culture, structure and nationality brings new challenges to approaches to decision-making
  • Through this module, you’ll be able to:
  • Cultivate intuitive judgemental and decision-making skills
  • Use a wide range of performance media for business problem-solving