Strategic Valuation and Management of Customer Relationships

There is a current revolution in marketing, sales and customer service. Many would say that it is IT-led. To be competitive, organisations need systems that:

  • Provide better information on markets and customers
  • Enable the proactive and targeted use of the most cost-effective media
  • Support competitive sales, marketing and customer service processes across extended enterprises

In business, all marketing, sales and customer service managers are being called on to explain how they plan to leverage IT, and many are becoming involved in related projects.

IT directors and managers are being tasked with developing and implementing CRM system strategies. The major consultancies and systems houses are actively recruiting in this area, and there is already a skills shortage.

This practical elective is essential for all MBAs planning a career in marketing, sales, consultancy or business systems.

Through this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the business and marketing theories that underpin CRM
  • Demonstrate how the selection of different CRM systems can both support and shape different customer-focused strategies
  • Identify the leading types of CRM systems available and understand the critical differences between them
  • Recognise the factors that determine successful implementation of CRM programmes