Strategic marketing in action: exploring location brands - Las Vegas

This elective will allow participants on MBA programmes to apply their knowledge in several of the core MBA subjects to a number of strategic, financial, operational and marketing challenges. The elective will take place in an environment in which the operating models of organisations can be examined, compared and contrasted by students. Where several global resort operators compete for customers attracted by a location brand, businesses must use differentiated value propositions, strategies and segmentation. You will undertake the evaluation of brand identity, brand experience and brand equity in their assessment of strategic marketing effectiveness as different strategic, operational and marketing choices made by resort operators to deliver customer value and organisational performance.

Resorts or locations which allow at least 3 businesses to be actively compared may be considered as a suitable location for the Strategic Marketing elective. One sample location might be Las Vegas where several resort operators in Las Vegas offering strongly differentiated products under the location brand to a market of more than 37m visitors per annum.


Note that international electives are subject to a specific allocation process, which will be explained during the programme. Given the popularity of international electives, places cannot be guaranteed.