Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the use of technology systems to perform tasks that typically require human skills and intelligence.

Over the past decade, business has seen a surge in the use of AI-based systems that are either replacing or augmenting familiar human tasks. Concurrently, with the coming of age of AI, new human tasks that did not previously exist are also being designed.

AI-based systems present a seismic shift – not only in tasks that managers perform, and the way organisations are run, but also a shift in how we understand the macro-relationship between labour and capital – the key pillars of any capitalist economy.   

This module will provide students an opportunity to examine the leadership implications of AI, the significant macroeconomic trends that have and will emerge from its use and the implications that these changes have for industry.

Module Leader

The Artificial Intelligence module is led by Dr Aneesh Banerjee:

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