Strategic Business Analytics

Data science tools are increasingly regarded as a lever to achieve a competitive advantage position. However, the adoption of these tools poses peculiar challenges to business leaders, who need to connect established strategic analysis frameworks, with a solid understanding of the data science approach.

This module helps business leaders in mobilising modern data science tools in order to explore, evaluate, and communicate strategic courses of actions. This is possible by adopting a practical, problem-solving stance. Particularly, participants will be exposed to (i) concrete examples that illustrate how to integrate strategic analysis and data science tools; and (ii) a library of concrete business cases (based on consultancy projects run by MSc in Business Analytics students from the Business School).

The entire module is delivered in a powerful, point-and-click data science software (e.g., Exploratory-R).

Module Leader

The Strategic Business Analytics module is led by Professor Vali Asimit:

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