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MSc in Global Finance

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Next start date

September 2023 (you can also start in January or May)


MSc - £24,000
PG Dip - £16,000
PG Cert - £8,000


MSc - 24 months
PG Dip - 18 months
PG Cert - 12 months

Deepen your understanding of global finance

Expand your knowledge. Gain industry-relevant skills. Fit your studies around a busy professional life.

The world of international finance is fast-moving and competitive. We’ve designed this course to equip students with exceptional analytical, numerical and interpersonal skills. As you expand your knowledge of global finance, you’ll address industry developments and deep-dive into four areas of specialisation.

'The master's boosted my confidence to deal with the dynamic financial world and any upcoming new products.'

Neetish Rampersad, MSc in Global Finance

MSc course modules

The first two modules of the course will build your foundational knowledge of finance, cash instruments, and how to analyse them. The following six will further your expertise through in-depth explorations of industry tools, techniques, and challenges. Finally, the last four modules will equip you with specialist knowledge of key industries within the financial sector.

The 12 modules you’ll complete over 24 months:

Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma course modules

  • Postgraduate Certificate - 12 months (part-time)
  • Postgraduate Diploma - 18 months (part-time)

If you choose to study for our Postgraduate Certificate, you will complete four modules. For the Postgraduate Diploma, you will complete eight modules.

For both the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma, you will undertake the following core modules:

If studying for the Postgraduate Certificate you will choose two of the following modules; for the Postgraduate Diploma, six:

Learning activities and assessment

The course has been designed so that every interaction you have during your studies deepens your understanding of global finance. 

Webinars, discussion forums and quizzes will help you grasp key concepts as you progress through the course. 

Each module will usually contain six weeks of teaching and learning, with a seventh week for assessment. This will usually involve completing three to five short essay questions, covering ground from most of the topics in the module. 

There's no need to travel for exams. All assessments are submitted online through Moodle, our easy-to-use online learning platform. 

Find out more about learning tools, activities, and resources:

How you'll learn

On-demand webinars

MSc in Global Finance Module Leader Dr Nick Motson gives a masterclass on smart beta approaches and their historical outperformance:


Module Leader Dr Dirk Nitzsche gives a masterclass on derivatives and risk management, one of the key areas you cover during the course: 


Course Director Alex Moss hosts a masterclass on the current challenges in the global real estate sector:


MSc in Global Finance International Finance Module Leader Ian Marsh discusses how you can invest wisely in your future: 


If you would like to know more about these options please contact our course advisers on +44 (0)20 3859 7193 or email for more information.