Essential training in bond and equity valuation

This module will provide you with the essential knowledge you’ll need in any area of finance in relation to the main cash instruments, and will begin under the assumption of minimal existing knowledge.

You’ll explore both the differences and similarities between fixed income and equity analysis, progressing quickly to equip you with the skills you need to effectively analyse these instruments.

The aim is to ensure you are able to understand how portfolio managers, corporate treasurers, investment bankers, financial analysts and traders use such securities in their various roles.

The topics you’ll cover in this module include:

  • The macroeconomic environment and cash instruments
  • Bond prices, yields and term structure of interest rates
  • Bond price volatility, duration and convexity
  • Absolute valuation: Dividend discount models and free cash flow valuation
  • Relative valuation: Market-based valuation – equity price multiples
  • An introduction to bond and equity derivatives

Module Leader

The Bond and Equity Analysis module is led by Dr Natasha Todorovic Zrilic:

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