Examine the most important aspects of real estate as an investment asset

Real estate is undoubtedly the biggest global store of wealth – worth more than equity and bond markets combined.

It is typically the largest asset owned by a household and on the balance sheet of a company, as well as the most common form of collateral for loans.

This means it’s very difficult to pursue a career in business or finance without having to deal with real estate – whether through the true value of real estate on the balance sheet value of a target company in a merger, the credit risk of a bank with large exposure to property loans, or the impact of property cycles on an emerging economy.

This module will equip you with the knowledge you need about the most important aspects of real estate as an investment asset.

If you’re looking to work in general business and finance, this module will give you the basis you need to understand the real estate issues you’re likely to encounter.

If you want to specialise in real estate as an investor, fund manager or lender, this module will serve as the foundation for further development.

The module covers 4 key topics:

  1. How to value real estate assets
  2. How to analyse and value any listed real estate company globally
  3. Real estate cycles and the drivers of performance
  4. The applications of real estate in portfolio management

Module Leader

The Global Real Estate module is led by Alex Moss:

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