Gain valuable insights into the international banking business

This module will give you an insight into the major features of the banking business and an understanding of the different types of banks and banking activities.

You’ll examine the changing characteristics of the banking industry and the main activities banks are involved in, and see how these different activities fit within a bank’s overall portfolio.

You’ll also explore how different banks are pursuing different models (universal banking vs. specialised banking).

In particular, you’ll examine the asset structure and revenue-earning features of major commercial and investment banks. You’ll also gain an understanding of their cost and return features, and of recent developments in the industry.

The topics you’ll cover in this module include:

  • Types of banks and banking activities (commercial, investment and private banking)
  • Issues in bank management
  • Bank failures and restructuring
  • Loan syndication
  • Financial regulation
  • Bank capital regulation

Module Leader

The International Banking module is led by Professor Barbara Casu:

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