Gain an integrated perspective of investment techniques for the foreign exchange market

This module will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the biggest financial market in the world – foreign exchange.

You’ll study the structure of different markets for foreign exchange, exploring how they operate and how the instruments traded in these markets are valued.  You will learn the key economic drivers of exchange rates and how to take informed investment positions.

The topics you’ll cover in this module include:

  • Foreign exchange markets, foreign exchange regimes and international monetary systems
  • The conduct of monetary policies under fixed and floating exchange rate regimes
  • Arbitrage trading in relation to purchasing power and covered interest rate parities
  • Speculation and the carry trade – profiting from the failure of uncovered interest rate parity
  • The use of macroeconomic models to determine the “fair value” of exchange rates
  • Order flow analysis and the microstructure of exchange rate markets

Module Leader

The International Finance module is led by Professor Ian Marsh:

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