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The deadlines for applications for the 6 September 2023 start date are:

Round 1: 23 April 2023

Round 2: 21 May 2023

Round 3: 25 June 2023

Round 4: 16 July 2023

Final deadline: 6 August 2023

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Fast-track applications are open for September 2023

As a potential Global MBA candidate, you will have many demands on your time. In light of this, if you would like a review decision for the Global MBA class starting on 6 September 2023, we can fast-track your application.

Please contact one of our course advisers so they can guide you through the application process and ensure you submit the best application possible for entry into the course.

We recommend you submit your application as early as possible. 

Steps to apply

1. Check entry requirements

  • A university degree or appropriate professional qualification. If you don’t have a degree or a professional qualification, you may be considered based on evidence of your ability to study successfully at postgraduate level. This evidence may include evidence of substantial business or professional achievement.
  • A minimum of five years’ full-time relevant work experience gained after graduation.
  • If English isn’t your first language, a minimum IELTS score of 7.0. This may be waived if you’ve worked or studied in an English-speaking environment for at least a year.

2. Write your application essays

This is your opportunity to provide further information about your experience, why you want to undertake the Bayes Global MBA, and your aspirations post-MBA. Please note we have specific questions which are available in the online application.

3. Select two professional referees

We require two references from suitable sources on our reference form in support of your application to the programme.

One reference should usually be from your current employer, and the other from a previous employer.  Referees must be senior to you and able to comment on your work and suitability for MBA study. If you work for a family business or are self-employed, a reference from a client will also be suitable. If you are not supplying the details of your current employer, please explain why in the extenuating circumstances section of the personal statement.

We cannot accept references from colleagues, personal friends or family members and we also don't usually accept references using personal email addresses e.g. gmail.

Although your referees will receive an electronic request, it is our experience that referees respond more quickly if the candidate also sends the link to the online reference form directly to them.

4. Update your CV

You'll need to submit your one or two page CV. Please see our recommended CV template.

5. Submit your application

This is completed via our online portal. If you'd like help with any stage of the application process, please get in touch with the course adviser team on +44 (0)20 3859 7193.

To complete your application for a fast-track decision you will need to submit:

  • A fully completed online application form with your application essays and supplementary questions
  • A one- or two-page CV, please provide reasons for significant gaps in employment history within the application. Please see our recommended CV template.  
  • One reference from a suitable source on our reference form

In many cases this is sufficient to make a decision for an interview or provide feedback on your candidacy. However, please note if we make you a conditional offer of a place, you will need to provide the following before we can make an unconditional offer:

  • Your degree certificate and transcript for each degree you have studied. Please note that if your degree transcript is not in English, we require certified translated copies of each transcript.
  • A second reference from a suitable source on our reference form.
  • If English is not your first language, proof of your English language ability (an approved English Language test such as IELTS or evidence of working or studying in an English speaking environment).

After your application is reviewed and if it is successful at this stage, you’ll be invited to an online interview with a member of our faculty. During this, we’ll further assess your interpersonal skills and English language proficiency before formally accepting you onto the course.

If your English language proficiency is considered borderline, we may ask for further evidence of your proficiency in English, such as IELTS, before considering your application further.